RMJALL 2019 Player Awards & Coaches Comments


December 17, 2019
Commissioner Sean Aggus

On behalf of the RMJALL, I am proud to announce the individual award winners & all-star teams for the 2019 season, as voted on by the four teams.

“Congratulations to all the award winners. Each one is deserving of this recognition for consistently dominating play at their position. The all-stars exhibit athleticism and leadership as well as a high lacrosse IQ.”  - Jr A Commissioner Sean Aggus


David Fehr Award - Most Valuable Player – Levi Anderson- Okotoks Raiders

Offensive Player of the Year- Toron Eccleston – Calgary Mountaineers

Harry Ripley Award - Defensive Player of the Year - Boedy Shields – Calgary Mountaineers

Jeremy Richardson Award - Transition Player of the Year - Jacob Power – St. Albert Miners

5th Year standout – Jordan McKinnon - Harrison Matsuoka – Okotoks Raiders

Darcy Stinson Award - Goaltender of the Year - Laine Hruska - Saskatchewan SWAT

Rookie of the Year – Kean Moon – Okotoks Raiders

RMLL A.J.Jomha Award 2019 – Regular Season Point Leader –

Toron Eccleston – Calgary Mountaineers – 36G, 34A, 70PTS, 15 games

1st All Star Team:

Offense – Levi Anderson - Okotoks Raiders, Toron Eccleston – Calgary Mountaineers

Defense – Boedy Shields – Calgary Mountaineers, Harrison Matsuoka – Okotoks Raiders

Transition – Jacob Power – St. Albert Miners

Goaltender - Laine Hruska - Saskatchewan SWAT

2nd All Star Team:

Offense – Colin Berglof – Saskatchewan SWAT,  Ethan Forgrave – St. Albert Miners,

Jake Gillis – Calgary Mountaineers

Defense – Liam Farrell – Okotoks Raiders, Adam Yeo – Calgary Mountaineers

Goaltender – Jack Bruzell-Friesz – Okotoks Raiders

Coaches Comments

What do the coaches say?
Joe Vetere, Coach Calgary Mountaineers
Jesse Fehr, Coach Okotoks Raiders
Jonathan Paul, Coach Saskatchewan SWAT
Todd Lorenz, Coach St. Albert Miners

David Fehr Award – Most Valuable Player & 1st All-Star Team
Levi Anderson, Okotoks Raiders

JV: Levi was the most dominant player in the League. Led the Raiders to win the championship in Game 7.
TL: Big strong, incredibly athletic and skilled. Levi brings a passion and drive to the game that strings along a lot of players. Lacrosse in the province can use leaders with his intensity.
JF: He’s inspirational on and off the floor. He is a clutch scorer.
JP: Always dangerous. Does not give up.

Offensive Player of the Year Award & A. J. Jomha Top Scorer Award & 1st All-Star Team
Toron Eccleston, Calgary Mountaineers

JF: offensive leader of the league for the 1st place team
JP: Strong, always seems to be in the right spot. Fights for space on the floor.
TL: Big kid, always a threat. If you lose sight of him, he will beat you.
JV: Works extremely hard.

Harry Ripley Award - Defensive Player of the Year & 1st All-Star Team
Boedy Shields, Calgary Mountaineers

JF: Plays in all situations, scores goals and captain of the first place team.
JT: All round leader. Dedicated to getting better. Captain for a reason.

Jeremy Richardson Award - Transition Player of the Year & 1st All-Star Team
Jacob Power, St. Albert Miners

JT: Versatile, creates odd man rushes, talented getting the ball up the floor.
JF: Scored the most goals of all transition players.
TL: Extremely fast, passionate, loves the game. Took his role to heart and did what it took to make the team successful. He dynamically changes the game.

Jordan McKinnon Award - Fifth year standout & 1st All-Star Team
Harrison Matsuoka, Okotoks Raiders

JV: Deserving. Led the Raiders with drive and determination. Showed what was needed to get to the next level.
TL: He is an unsung hero. Stands out in all facets of the game, O/D/T. Brings his passion to the floor.
JP: Very fast transition player, great defender.
JF: Captain and inspirational leader. Plays all situations in a game, face offs, Shorthanded, offence and defence.

Darcy Stinson Award - Goaltender of the Year & 1st All-Star Team
Laine Hruska, Saskatchewan SWAT

JV: Back-stopped the SWAT. Helped his team to be a contender. One of the top Jr.A goalies in Canada.
JP: Laine is very composed for his age and has the best stick in the RMLL.

Rookie of the Year
Kean Moon, Okotoks Raiders

JF: Led all rookies in scoring.
JT: Phenomenal lacrosse player. First round pick and deserved to be. Played the big minutes for the Raiders. Can put the ball in the back of the net.
JB: I thought this kid was a 20 year old. He is going to be a tough to keep off the scoresheet.

Second Team All-Stars


Colin Berglof, Saskatchewan SWAT

JV: Big strong Captain. Did a fantastic job leading the team. Well-rounded lefty, played big minutes on O and D if needed.
JP: Big, strong, hard shot. Leader.

Ethan Forgrave, St. Albert Miners

TL: Might be the smartest player in JrA in Alberta. Sees it before it happens. Sets up plays.
JV: Very dynamic, shifty, extremely talented getting into open areas and can put the ball in the back of the net. Finds opportunities to score.

Jake Gillis, Calgary Mountaineers

JV: Very big strong lefty that performed well through injuries. Battled and challenged to compete for all he got. Dedicated.
JP: Great hands, protects the ball well.


Liam Farrell, Okotoks Raiders

JV: Tenacious, hard working. Does everything to make the D successful. Took his game to the next level.
JF: - A defensive leader for the Raiders, played in all situations (defense, face off, short man)

Adam Yeo, Calgary Mountaineers

JV: A developing leader. Plays to compete in games, practices and workouts. Drafted in the 8th round. Proud to see him get to next level.

Jack Bruzell-Friesz, Okotoks Raiders

TL: If he doesn’t play pro or seniors I will be surprised.
JV: Keeps bringing his game to the next level. A force to be reckoned with.
JP: Well adjusted young goalie, has great things ahead of him.